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What people are saying....


Lucy provides a fantastic tailored service. Her expertise in facial acupuncture is amazing, my always angry skin was super calm & happy after the first visit and all treatments she has done have made my super sensitive skin calmer for weeks after.


I am so pleased to have come across Lucy's website. I have only had three appointments so far but l can already see an improvement and l plan to continue to see how far we can progress. Lucy exudes kindness and calm and you immediately feel in safe and knowledgeable hands. She has gone above and beyond to improve not only my initial concerns but also my wellbeing. I always look forward to my relaxing quiet time.


"I highly recommend treatment with Lucy. She goes above and beyond to not only treat symptoms that appear outside but to find out what is going on inside. Lucy creates such a lovely atmosphere where you really feel cared about and looked after. I'm so grateful for her and can already see the positive effects her treatment is having on my skin"


" After my 4th visit to Lucy , I can sea a real improvement to my skin, my skin is glowing and feels so soft to the touch.

I have had lots of compliments about my skin lately.

I normally have a love hate relationship with my skin due to having bad skin as a teenager. Historically I always made sure I wore some kind of foundation to hide my uneven skin tone and acne scars.  

I now leave the house with bare skin and no make up at all.  I now feel confident in my own skin.

Lucy is very calming when carrying out the facials.  

I always feel super relaxed after"


My skin has always been ‘ok’….. prone to the normal hormonal fluctuations and effects of fatigue, stress, cold weather, but I’d noticed that approaching 45, it was becoming harder to get an even tone, clear the congestion, feel confident in no makeup and generally ‘feel glowing’… I don’t want to look 25, I’m fine with having some wrinkles, and I didn’t want to go down the line of needles but my trusted products and 2 pints of water were not quite doing it. I just wanted to look and feel the best that I could for my age…. I said to lucy I’d like my skin to feel brighter, tighter and less congested.

I had 4 treatments consisting of facial and body point acupuncture, facial peels, and LED light therapy. Immediately my skin was glowing, it was plumper and fresher and the congestion around my chin area disappeared. Fine lines and wrinkles, especially on my forehead were smoothed and I got the glow that I wanted! Amazingly, the effects kept on going so 3 days later, then a week on it was even better. My skin lost that dull look and my skin tone was much more even – my pigment spots had even faded. Lucy is really knowledgeable about the body acupuncture points and I felt afterwards that my internal systems were working more efficiently (I was less bloated, I slept better). Having never had acupuncture before, I was amazed by the results.

This is more than just a treatment for your face – it’s a whole body makeover, that just so happens to make your face look incredible! Lucy is so lovely and her salon is really relaxing – she is doing amazing top end treatments that are completely natural and non-invasive and that aren’t available locally at a reasonable price. People have commented on how bright and glowing my skin looks – I cannot wait to have some more of these treatments, as my skin has quite literally never looked healthier! 

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