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As a woman, I empathise powerfully with women.  We work hard, we spin so many plates, we are mothers, wives, daughters and friends.

We fret, we stress, we organise as if our lives depend on it. Often we are the custodians of the family’s emotional well-being....not easy.


Through my treatments my aim is to bring some solace, comfort and restoration to the mind, spirit, face and body.

I want to help you to look better, feel better from deep down.

I have christened myself ‘The Thoughtful Facialist’.

For me being thoughtful in this context means seeing beyond what meets the eye. It means being sensitive to different levels of someone’s being. It means taking a wider view to allow us to begin to understand what’s going on deep down.

Skin marks the edge of you.

There is an exchange and a communication from the inside to the outside.  

Central to Chinese medicine and fundamental to my approach, we look at the face through the prism of this modality.  The face reflects the larger system, including digestion, stress, sleep, and lifestyle. 

Also through the application on acupuncture we turn our attention to the balance and flow of energy, Chi, within the body working to harmonise your whole system.

I’m not offering a simple beauty treatment (delightful though that is).

I will be ready to look beyond the surface,

receptive to what you and your body wish to communicate.

From that together we can shape your treatment.

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